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Serial Barcode Scanner over Ethernet

Network Barcode Scanner Access

Remotely accessing barcode scanner data is a critical feature in order for a modern POS system to be viable. You can use a cloud-based system to access barcode scanners from remote locations, but you may need to invest in additional equipment.

A great way to access and control a remote barcode reader is with POS barcode scanner software like Serial to Ethernet Connector. Using this software application you can redirect the transmission from your barcode scanner to the network and access the information from any network-attached device. Multiple users can now share a barcode reader remotely from different locations.

This easy-to-use barcode software for PC allows working with a remote scanner as if it were inserted locally – any network computer can read and process data output by the device. Not only that, you can even set up barcode scanners remotely from a single point.
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Serial to Ethernet Connector

Connect serial ports over Ethernet
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Serial to Ethernet Connector

How to Access Serial Barcode Scanner over Ethernet

Okay, let us consider the following use-case: a serial barcode reader is attached to your local machine, while an application that needs to talk to the device is installed on another network computer located at a distance.

All you have to do here is to install Serial to Ethernet Connector (SEC) on the local (server) and remote (client) computers. The software will create a virtual port on a remote machine and connect it to the real hardware port on the local machine via null-modem cable thus creating a virtual bridge. The virtual port at one end of this bridge will mirror all the activities of the real serial port on the other end, thus the serial application will receive and process all barcode scanner data.

Thanks to the network barcode scanner software, the functionality and content of a remote device will be available to you as if it were a local device.

Step-by-step guide on how to use Serial to Ethernet Connector:

  1. Download the application
  2. Install it on a computer that provides shared access to a barcode reader (server) and computers that need to reach the reader over network (client), these can be virtual machines too.
  3. Launch the app on the server and choose “Create Server Connection” option. Select new barcode connection
  4. Setup the connection by specifying all the required parameters.
  5. Open the app on a client machine and ‘Connect’ to the share device.

Voila! – now all the data received from the barcode reader is available to you over network.

Serial to Ethernet Connector supports Windows and Linux operating systems: a barcode scanner can be attached to a Windows PC, and you can access over Ethernet barcode scanner from a computer that runs Linux OS, or the other way round. Linux version is available at the moment as a command-line application.

The bottom line

Modern shops and businesses that are involved in making sales to customers use different electronic POS equipment. Items such as electronic scales, cash registers, barcode scanners and payment terminals are seen in just about any enterprise you enter.

The majority of electronic devices associated with POS systems use serial interfaces. The RS232 protocol is used to access barcode readers or other devices that make up the POS installation and allows computer control and management of the equipment.

The spread and popularity of barcode scanners have had an effect on the growth of the specialized POS barcode scanner software needed to support the electronic equipment. This dedicated software is employed to contact a POS remote device and enact communication among the various components that make up a POS system. Exercising control over a remote POS system by collecting and tracking data and allowing interaction with the equipment is the primary goal of POS software.

Quite often it is required to allow other computers to access barcode reader remotely. It is absolutely feasible, as long as the local and remote computers are connected over network. Serial to Ethernet Connector you to access barcode scanner over network.

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